In my internet ventures both in newsgroups and web-sites, I have encountered so many oddities and well entrenched or 'popular'/repeated misconceptions...

May this collection and quick reference-table of updated & comprehensive eponymous specialist entries be my own contribution to public education in the net, addressing some of the most 'persistent' issues.

Antiquity: The Area, History, Religion, Language, Philip II, Alexander the Great, Hellenistic Colonization (entries of the Oxford Classical Dictionary of 1996)

Byzantine Times: History & the Issue of Terminology, 'Macedonian' Dynasty, Tsar Samuil, Two brothers 'Apostles to the Slavs', The Concept of Hellenism (entries of the Oxford Dictionary of Byzantium of 1991)

Ottoman Period and Modern Era: The Area, The Peoples, Establishment of the Exarchate, Nationalities and the issue of a separate 'macedonian' identity up to the end of WWI, WWII, Ethnogenesis in (former) S.Yugoslavia, Linguistics: Bulgarian & Macedonian .

Other facilities: index of additional entries and ASCII-maps, sources from antiquity, sources from medieval/byzantine times, sources from modern times (all under constant construction) .

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