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Dorian and Macedonian nation (Herodotos), Makednon is the name of early Hellenes (Herodotos), Another tradition of early Greekness (Justin), List of Hellenic peoples (Polybios), The Macedonian kings are acting as typical Greeks, or "Macedonia" referred as "Greece" (Cornelius Nepos).


Attested Macedonian Views (both personal and general/official)

I am myself Hellene, I am Alexander of Macedon (Herodotos), Hellenes & Macedonians to be treated in a way fitted for Hellenes, and that the Macedonians approved(Arrian), The Macedonians and the other Hellenes (Polybios), Alexander: a Hellenic king (Pseudo-Kallisthenes), Macedonians, Aitolians, Akarnanians are of the same speech and Greeks (Livy),


Southern Greek friends and visitors to Macedonia

Early arrangement of the eponymous ancestor of the Macedonians in Greek genealogies (Hellanikos), I know that the Royals are of Hellenic nationality (Herodotos), They were originally Temenidai from Argos (Thukydides 2.99),King Amyntas joined the other Hellenes (Aishines),The Macedonians and other Hellenes juxtaposed to the mass of Barbarians (Thukydides), Macedonians, Spartans and Achaians: people of the same race (Polybios), Greek dialectic variations in Macedonian (Plutarch [Kallisthenes])


Other Southern Greek views

Early arrangement of the eponymous ancestor of the Macedonians in the Greek genealogies (Hesiod), Alexander: as Hellenes we should not be slaves to barbarians (Pseudo-Kallisthenes), Alexander the Hellenizer (Plutarch), Alexander addressed the Macedonians and the other Hellenes (Pseudo-Kallisthenes), The Macedonians are the Hellenes fighting the Barbarians (Plutarch), Alexander's entourage and Macedonians: avengers of Greece (Plutarch), Alexander viewed fulfilling the Greek dreams (Plutarch)


Enemies of the Macedonians

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